The concept of this program, is to give our young people an alternative outlet for year round involvement in an after school sport programs.  This includes such sports as: basketball, baseball, t-ball, flag football, cheerleader’s, hockey, gymnastics, ice-skating and boxing.  Engaging youth in such positive activities, as sports can be a deterrent to juvenile delinquency.

A national study of 19 recreation programs by the National Parks and Recreation Association revealed that local law enforcement in many cities credited area youth recreation programs with significant contributions to reducing the incidence of crimes committed by and against juveniles.  Participation in sports and other recreational programs can build character and leadership in youth and can put youth in a positive environment during the hours when a parent is not at home.  This program is an alternative means to keep our youth from the gang and drug environment in the community; while at the same time training young people to form good habits in both sports, school studies and to transfer new positive skills into real world skills as a team player.

The After School Sports Program will involve prominent coaches and athletes who will volunteer their time to help train our youth.  There will be a volunteer staff doctors to monitor the children’s physical condition to ensure they are healthy enough to participate in such activities after first being examined by their own private physician and signing a disclaimer.  There will also be a nutritionist to make sure that the young people are getting the proper nourishment and the correct diet in order to participate in our program.  The program will also provide nourishing snacks for the children and they will be given a special diet to enhance their athletic abilities.  At the same time our program also offers a solution to the Latchkey Kids problems by providing an after school alternative.

The program provides the following:

  • Lunch, Snack & Water Bottle (for programs over four hours)
  • Two Snacks & Water Bottle (for programs four hours or less)
  • Sunscreen
  • Sports equipment (balls, safety gear, etc.)

Parents should provide the following:

  • T-shirt/shorts/sweats/socks (appropriate clothing)
  • Shoes (running shoes are fine)



Alex Carmen               Long Beach  Poly High School

Andre Newman          Ayala High School

Antonio Worthy         Montebello High School

Austin Lacy                  Bishop Amat High School

Chris Camper             Long Beach Poly High School

Clayton Ragsdale      Corona Del Mar High School

Damien Cain               Harvard Westlake High School

Darren Johnson         Culver City High School

Gerard Ponce              Ayala High School

Greg Townsend           Beverly Hills High School

Kenneth A. Greene      Price High School

Matthew Ponce         Ayala High School

Ronnie Stevens          Junipero Serra High School

Sam Natt                       Taft High School

Tyler Ponce                 Ayala High School

Victor Blackwell       Mater Dei High School



Austin Kelly                 Harvard Westlake High School

Billy Crudup                Luezinger High School

Brandon Graves          Los Alamitos High School

Cameron Lee              Bishop Montgomery High School

Clint Bosner                Villa Park High School

Deante Burton            Compton Centenial High School

Dewayne Pollee          Westchester High School

Dillon Rice                   Orange Lutheran High School

Dusty Kramer              Malibu High School

Eric Swoope                Harvard Westlake High School

Grant Hamilton           Mira Costa High School

Jack Haley Jr.              Los Alamitos High School

Jamil Austin                 N. Torrance High School

John Ryan                    El Segundo High School

Jordan Mitchell           Gardena Sierra High School

La Bradford Franklin   Chula Vista High School

Lavelle Ford                Westchester High School

Lawrence King                        Bishop Montgomery High School

Michael Attanasio       Harvard Westlake High School

Nate Bullock                Harvard Westlake High School

Ray Berry                    Fairfax High School

Steven Wilson             St Bernard High School

Tyler Trabue               N. Torrance High School



A. J. Harris                   Hill College   Texas

Monica DeAngelic      Loyola Marymount University

Ryan Kelly                   University of San Bernardino



The Executive Director will review each application submitted, along with all other required documents.   Applicants and parents will also be required to be interviewed by the Program Director.  If the applicant is accepted, the Program Director will notify the applicant’s parents within five (5) days; at which time the participant’s parents will be required to bring a note from their private physician stating that the child is physically fit to participate in the sports program.  If rejected, the parent of the applicant will be notified immediately and any registration fees paid with the application will be refunded.  It is suggested that parents in need of financing submit appropriate application and required documents to the Financial Aid Office as soon as possible prior to anticipate enrollment.

Admission is open to all applicants who meet entrance requirements.



$60.00/Month –           Coaching, Tournaments, Uniforms, Trophy and Insurance

Registration and entrance fees are due at the time of enrollment.  Any eligible participant may also enroll under one of our payment plans. Information, application forms and procedural requirements may be obtained from the Admissions Department.

The Registration Fee is subject to the refund policy of the center.


The cost of necessary supplies is included in the total program cost.  Incidental supplies are to be furnished by the parents (athletic shoes, socks, t-shirts, sweats, etc.).  We will off-set some of the costs with sponsors, fund raisers and donations

The availability of financial aid is subject to the availability of funds.  No financial aid is promised or implied as an inducement to enroll. Participant’s eligibility will be determined by an approved “needs” analysis systems based on the appropriate application forms and required documentation.  Official awards to eligible participants are made in a written offer signed by the approved Financial Aid Officer only.  An appointment with the Financial Aid Officer may be made through the center’s office.

To assure prompt refund, notification of withdrawal and a request for refund should be made in writing, refunds will be made in 30 days.  If not in writing, refunds will be made within 30 days from the date it is determined that the participant does not intend to return.


Specific written information is available free of charge to interested parties from our Financial Aid Office.

Anyone seeking information regarding our financial aid program, policies, and procedures may contact the Financial Aid Officer during business hours and request our financial assistance information pamphlet.

The financial aid awarded to eligible participants will be paid on a voucher system.  The disbursement will be made in a minimum of the equal installments; one at the beginning of the program, the second at the completion of the program’s mid-point.

Satisfactory progress is required for all disbursement of program awards.

The financial aid program is made available to participants attending this training center as a matter of convenience, and in no way is the offer of financial assistance an inducement to enroll.




Sportsmanship Teamwork Strength Character Discipline Dedication

We welcome all children, regardless of race, creed or national origin.

Our league is registered as a non-profit organization. We appreciate the generous support of the community, local merchants, and civic organizations.