Active Community Environment, Inc. engages disadvantaged, underprivileged resident of Los Angeles County in a comprehensive leadership development and home construction-training program.  Special consideration, albeit to a significantly lesser degree, is being granted to carefully screened parolees.

The home rehabilitation construction training program will be a catalyst in the perennial struggle to mitigate chronic employment and sub-standard housing in minority communities.

The program utilizes an innovative teaching technique that assists trainees to develop their latent talents without doing further damage to their pride, dignity and individuality.  It is structured to integrate practical leadership development, relevant academic tutoring and residential construction training.  The trainees are subjected to a six-month, intensive course with a trainer-to-trainee ratio of one-to-six.

A.C.E. will help to prepare the trainee to be able to work in the construction trade.  This is accomplished by instruction in the classroom and through actual hands-on training at the construction site.  The work in the classroom will prepare you to be able to perform tasks at the construction site.  Participant learns by working under a skilled supervisor doing construction work in low-income communities.  The construction manager and supervisors will be responsible for your training at the site.  The curriculum will include:

Plumbing, Electrical, Carpentry,  Painting, and Construction Mathematics,

On The Job Training: Actual experience gained by working on specific job sites under the direct supervision of trained foreman or project manager.

Computer Training — Computer Technology area–user’s end for the Year 2007+ (essential employment tools in computer technology management for the end-user (Microsoft Products) entry-level technician, programming and Internet management.  Every student in America needs to become knowledgeable and skilled in the use of the computer.

Medical Program — Nursing Assistant Pre-certification Program; Home Health Aide; Acute Care Nursing; Medical Secretary/Office Procedures; Skillful Parenting; and Parenting for Adolescent programs are offered to participants.

The  program are geared towards providing the participants with nursing and administrative medical skills conducive to the health care profession.  The course curriculum for the medical program includes: