The Entertainment Development Association is a professional entertainment management and talent development company, specializing in consulting, talent development, and management. The EDA is designed to help those ready to begin a successful career in the entertainment industry.  There are three elements to creating a successful career. Preparation, opportunity, and exposure. No one can teach you to be an actor, model , singer, performer etc. You either are or your not. If you have the gift, it is also an obligation. All any manager, agent, instructor, or talent consultant can do , is develop you and help you seek opportunities. It is to your own personal responsibility to find your own creative uniqueness in your work. We are here to help assist you meet your professional career goals. We are here to help you design your talent portfolio package correctly and professionally. Our services includes: consulting, management, photography, demo reels, bios, resumes, runway instruction and training, agency and casting director submissions, and casting submissions for: runway, commercials, television, film, print, and video . The EDA does not guarantee nor promise any type of work orcompensation, nor placing you with an agency. What the EDA offers, is a knowledgeable staff that will guide and assist you with your career. The EDA is dedicated to extending correct and sufficient information for those ready to begin asuccessful career in the entertainment industry.